They told it would be hard the week after I was home.  They said the travel would wear me out and set me back.  The reminded me that the treatments are hard when life gets in the way.  They said most people are sicker than ever when they leave.  So why on earth did I think I would be any different? I have to believe its my pigheaded nature.  I keep thinking I am above the norm and will be different than the rest.  Or I can choose to believe I have become an eternal optimistic and am determined to believe the best…even when the worst is happening.

In short, its been a hard week.  The treatments haven’t gone close to as well as they did in Utah.  One day I was so weak and tired, I was not able to do them at all.  I never imagined that would happen to me.  So I am having to regroup, reassess what I can do in a day (which is shockingly limited and hard for me to admit).  But I made a vow to myself to take care of me first (after 42 years) and I have to keep that vow.  My how I fell off that horse easily.

Despite all of this I have really great news to share.  I went to see a local Lyme Specialist who is a Naturopathic Doctor, but is willing to follow my recovery and work with the FAR Clinic treatments.  And here is the really good news: she also treats with the same supplements the Doctor in NY does (not the antibiotics but you may recall I was also on 12 supplements while on antibiotics).  So we discussed all the ones I was on and she re-prescribed a few that will help with my heart (anxiety) and head (cognitive) symptoms.  She also uses one of the treatments FAR does, the Pulse Electromagnetic frequency (which is the only treatment I can’t do at home).  So this gives me much comfort until I decide what to do medically.  Oh and surprise, surprise she wanted to warn me that I will experience Herxes (detox reactions) going back on the supplements…oh and I am going to feel worse before I feel better.  Oh and when that happens it is all good new, because it means its working.  Have we heard that before????  This excitement about feeling shitty is wearing thin…lol!

So now for the bad news again.  She said research is showing that our country could have up to 80% of the population battling lyme by 2018. How scary is that?  We talked a lot about why and she speaks along the same lines as the FAR clinic in that our immune systems are weaker than they have ever been and unless we do something to improve them, many of us will struggle.  Research has always listed food and fitness as vital to our immune systems.  But the issues are deeper than we think.

So here is a quick summary of what I have gathered as what it will take for us to start to make a difference for ourselves:

1) Movement: we need to move and be active in certain ways. The FAR clinic really showed me this.  As active as I was, I wasn’t doing the necessary things, to boost my enzyme capabilities, to drain and recharge my lymphatic systems, to reserve energy when needed, to detox and remove bad bacteria – all of which can be done with the right exercises and activity.  BUT it also has to be daily activity.  I have been saying that for years in my programs, but am even more emphatic than ever that it is the only way.

2) Food: What we eat is killing us and this is a discussion and debate that could go on for ever.  I don’t want to get into the fine details of food production and consumption.  Here is a simple fact – we blame producers all the time for how and what they do to our food, but the point of the matter is, we do not eat the right foods for our health regardless of how they are made. So lets quit worrying about what is out of our control and take the first step to doing well what is in our control.

– If we are not eating over half of our daily intake as vegetable and many of those raw, then we have not managed to accomplish the first simple thing we can do for ourselves.  Lets start there.

– Refined sugar is wreaking havoc in our bodies more than we will ever know.  It feeds unhealthy cells, it builds yeast that hides all of our infections, it creates immense imbalances in many of our bodily functions, and it build dependency and cravings that are stronger than drugs. Basically, refined sugar plays a role in every single thing that could go wrong with us.  And lets not go to sugar replacements…that is a chemical…not a food.


3) WIFI – especially at night.  Remember the FAR clinic said that deep sleep is necessary for healing and repair?  And remember they said that there is some healing the body needs that only deep sleep can help with?  Well, your wifi on at night is in impeding this.  You body feels the waves sent out by your wifi while it is sleeping.  Not only is it dealing with it but it is not allowing the body to fully relax, repair and heal.  When I found this out, I instantly went to the store and bought a timer.  It shuts our wifi off at 10 and turns it back on at 6.  How simple is that?

I am quickly realizing that what I have implemented in my health and fitness challenges over the years are vital to restoring our immune systems.  What I didn’t realize is how vital some of these things are, how we must do them daily and how we can’t risk them not being the biggest priority in our lives.  I plan to share more over the next few weeks.

I have three more months to stick by this program intensely.  Then some of it will remain as a daily practice and some can move to weekly and monthly.  I quickly learned this week why travelling to Utah was vital.  Not only were the treatments intensive to give me the best kick start at beating this, but life and healing don’t go very well together.  I am not able to do all the things I wanted and keep up treatments and healing.  Its too much and clearly I still have a battle ahead.  So life, is just going to be on hold a little longer.

I will continue to share my journey, it helps me mentally accept all that is going on and be more patient with the process and myself.  But most of all, I hope something in here helps each of you avoid this or similar problems.  We have a potential epidemic in our future and the good news is there is a lot we can do to help ourselves.