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Out of theWoodz

Out of the Woodz – has a mission to encourage people to discover the health and wellness that awaits them in the outdoors. We are nature and understanding our true innate abilities will lead us to health, happiness and balanced living. Nature intends for all of us to thrive and by looking to nature and within we can discover all the secrets that are waiting for us.


Kristy Wood-Giles

Due to several years of being misdiagnosed, Kristy went from completing a Half Ironman to struggling to walk just a few steps. Although she reported being exposed to several ticks on a solo 300km hike, the connection was not made, resulting in both her physical and mental condition to deteriorate significantly. It wasn’t until then it was determined she would have to live with Chronic Lyme for the remainder of her life.

Not willing to accept a life in bed, she sought out medical treatment around the continent. Although much health and rehabilitation was discovered many issues still remained, such as chronic fatigue. Determined to not accept this as her fate, Kristy continued to reproach healing modalities and started to research all sources of energy within and outside of the body in an effort to understand how to effectively use, create and transmute energy in her life.

She quickly realized that healing was not just about fitness, nutrition and medicine. Her ability to heal mentally and emotionally were keys to discovering a new vitality for life, endless energy and true purpose. Understanding how energy works in our bodies, how our mind and body are connected and the role energy plays around us are critical to living our best life. Her background, education, experience and research led her to a complete understanding of how we are meant to thrive.

Kristy Wood-Giles has a MSc in Environmental Health, is a Certified Life Coach, Personal Trainer and Author, Two Week Window; Living with Lyme and Thriving in Life.



Understanding how energy flows in and around our bodies allows us to use use it effectively,  create much more and thrive.


Interpreting the signals that our mind and body are giving us are the secrets to gaining health, happiness and vitality


Discover how peaceful and free your life is meant to be when everything syncs and works together