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Living with Lyme and Thriving in Life

Kristy was a recreational athlete and a park manager, who loved being active and in the outdoors.  Who, through years of misdiagnosis, went from running an Ironman to barely being able to walk and fulfill her job duties.  Five years ago Wood-Giles was on a hike where she was exposed to several ticks, one in particular that badly infected her with Lyme and other co-infections. She now spends much of her time educating others so they can learn from her mistakes.

“There is a lot of misinformation and misunderstanding out there about Lyme and ticks and I feel it is my responsibility to do my best to protect others” explains Wood-Giles.

Throughout the whole ordeal of repairing her health, Wood-Giles wrote about her journey and it has resulted in her book Two Week Window.  Her incredible insight and drive find her sharing her knowledge on a daily basis and beginning to enjoy life.  

She now spends much of her time working on projects to help get people enjoy nature and get outdoors safely.  She states that “Despite my experience, I need people to know of the value of nature and getting outdoors, but I also need them to know how to do it safely too.”

Dare to Dream: Women and Men Who Refused to Let Their Dreams Die!

Women and Men Who Refused to Let Their Dreams Die! It’s a book that focuses on the experiences of each brave author who faced incredible odds and endured overwhelming obstacles to realize their dreams.

Be uplifted and empowered, as award-winning and best-selling authors, G. Brian Benson and Paula Jessop, lead an inspired group of storytellers, who share their personal experiences of refusing to let their dreams die despite facing incredible odds and enduring overwhelming obstacles. Dare to Dream is a book of triumph over adversity, hope over doubt, and growth over stagnation.

You will be inspired to step out of your own comfort zone and realize it is never too late to step into your dreams! Life goes fast and it can feel like there is never enough time to make our dreams a reality, but these stories will motivate you to realize that the past and unrealized dreams can be alchemized into something wonderful and life-affirming.

This multi-author inspirational collaboration was co-published by Paula Jessop/Bombshell Bliss Books and G. Brian Benson/Reawaken Media. These award-winning and bestselling authors curated a list of empowered individuals who share their unique, inspiring stories in this anthology that reads like a modern-day Chicken Soup for the Soul.