Rod explaining the science behind
the enzyme training (6 days a week)
Getting ready to do the sprint portion of the
enzyme training (3x20sec sprints)
High intensity – low endurance (only option for lyme patients)
Oxygen after every sprint, while monitoring
heart rate and oxygen levels
Clinic Hyperthermy – 102-104F body heat,
oxygen, PEMF bed (making the temp act like 114F)
to kill bad cells not the good ones 

Oxygen therapy and red face after hyperthermy
Pules electromagnetic therapy bed – Bemer frequency
(effective for affecting lyme bacteria cells)
Clinic Team in front of Health Pod (Nasa Frequency)
up to 2 x 10 minutes standing in pod.
G force machine to left, up to 2 x10 minutes mainly to
help drain and reinvigorate Lymph system 
Mountain views every where you look.  Nice to sit outside,
with this view and write my blog. 

Medical Smoothie (30 plus ingredients of health)
Diet is crucial: NO sugar or common allergens
(milk, corn, wheat processed foods, etc.)
Great friends who not only travel from Canada
 but try out the new diet regime thanks to Chef Hai
Supplements (Serrapeptase among others to detox,
build immune function, repair etc.)

Hotel bed: a lot time spent here.
Countless naps are necessary.
Deep sleep is heavily promoted with the theory that
some healing is only possible during deep sleep.
Deep sleep shortly following treatments is hugely
beneficial and sometime the only option.  Lol  
Short hikes on your day off if you feel up to it.
Never actually felt up to it but managed to come around each Sunday and do a slow short one.

My new workout friends!