Lyme Symptoms I experienced over a 2-3 year period

Some of the symptoms can be experienced by many individuals, but with Lyme it is the majority of these over a short period of time, with a severity or frequency more than normal – many are chronic. 

chronic sinus infection
reoccurring cough & throat infection
stabbing pain between shoulder blades
upset stomach
muscle aches
breast pain & swelling
trouble breathing (air hunger)
heart palpitations
chest pain
intense anxiety
nerve pain
hot sensations
vision blurriness
poor balance
cold sensations disorientation
hearing problems/ringing
aching hands and feet
hair loss
hormone imbalance
more intense body odour
perspire easily
intolerance to smells
joint aches
joint swelling
unexplained, rapid weightless or weightgain (can be both)
loss of appetite
cravings (salt & sugar)
paralysis in portions of the body
lack of coordination
memory loss
cognitive impairment
changes in sleep patterns
mood changes
sadness (periodic)
irritable (more frequent)
feel jittery and shaky
fatigue after meals
frequent urination
difficulty losing weight
dizziness when standing up
afternoon fatigue
wake up very tired
poor muscle endurance
frequent thirst
lack of motivation
mental sluggishness
nervous & emotional
emotional numbness
night sweats
irregularities in menstrual cycle
inability to concentrate
cysts/boils – Baker’s cyst
feeling lost
difficulty swallowing
floaters in eyes
light sensitivity
extreme stiffness in morning (not sure joints will support you)
bad breath
nerve sensitivity (everywhere)
constantly clearing throat
dark circle under eye
brain fog
cuts heal slowly
bruises stay
facial paralysis
facial swelling
low back pain
low exercise tolerance
frequent sighing
swollen glands
rib soreness
neck stiffness
muscle twitching
difficulty with speech
reversing numbers/letters
word finding problem/or mix up words
lack of short term memory
head congestion

Note: No bullseye even with known bite

General progression of symptoms, tests and specialists
Bacterial symptoms- short term treatment
Infectious Disease Specialist – no findings
Virus symptoms (repeated)- no treatment
Pneumonia symptoms – tests negative
Pulmonary Symptoms – all possible tests negative
Cardiologist – all possible tests negative
Internal Medicine – tests negative – no findings

The other interesting thing with Lyme is you go through periods of decline and then small recovery.  So quite often the symptoms alleviate just enough that you think you are turning the corner and finally getting over this “virus that you caught.  But what you don’t realize is each time you decline more than you recover.  So it is a slow decline with hills and valleys, that  you don’t realize just how far you have declined.  Many times I thought I was coming out of it.  Now when I look at the whole 3 years together, I can see clearly what was happening.  It is very hard to see when you are in it.