Healthy HIT  Workout

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Course Description:

Kristy Wood-Giles had been a personal trainer and training for an Ironman triathlon when her health started to decline. She went from completing a Half Ironman to struggling to walk unassisted within three years. Being a chronic illness with no cure, her chance of full recovery or even competing again were non-existent. As she struggled to regain some strength and wellness, she sought out treatments that utilized many different modalities. One of which included exercise-induced oxygen therapy.

Although her abilities to exercise were limited, this new medically supervised strategy shared hints of the high intensity interval training that so many of her clients had once enjoyed. It seemed impossible that in her weakened state she could build wellness and energy with this style better than she could with walking or yoga. As she started to regain better health she researched as many studies as she could that compared similar programs and strategies and realized at the core of our wellness and fitness needs is a quick, intense, easy to complete program that can suit all levels.

This program teaches the participant how to build from a very basic program with health in mind, to increasing many factors to provide a more intense program that will work for everyone.  It requires no equipment, can be done in a very small space and very little time.  It will work for those looking to get back to exercising, those looking to build strength and tone their muscles and works most effectively for those looking for weight-loss results.  It all can be found in this one, simple program that everyones falls in love with. 

The course includes: 

  • 5 Instructional Videos
  • 8 Exercise Modifications
  • 2 Coach-Led Audio Workouts.
  • 1 Workout Record Sheet 


  • 12:18 Introduction & Background
  • 11:45 Exercises (this one needs some cutting in of the exercise videos that I have also included.  I can give you time stamps but we should discuss this by phone as I have a few questions for you. 
  • 9:56 Health Focus Workout
  • 8:59 Creating Intensity
  • 8:59 Breath, Stretch & Enjoy